The smart connection adapter for electronic accessories

The ideal way to connect accessories to your motorbike. Absolutely CAN bus compatible and with a programmable overrun time.


The easy way to connect accessories to the vehicle.

The Connect is connected to the battery with plus and minus, the desired consumer(s) with plus and minus to the Connect, ready.

Accessories with up to 110 W continuous power can be connected.

CLS Connect

Advantages in summary:

simple connection of electronic accessories to the bike

especially for CAN bus technology

installed in 5-10 minutes

Connection of consumers with a total of 110 W continuous power possible

safe switching on and off of navigation systems, radio, communication systems, headlights and much more

cleans many interferences when using radio and communication systems

made in Germany

a 5-year warranty

129,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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