Instant glue
Instant glue

Instant glue

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from 21. May 2024 from 21. May 2024 (abroad may vary)
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CLS EVO chainoiler universal
This kit ensures that your motorbike combines the advantage of chain drive with the advantage of cardan drive. It is a further development of the proven CLS EVO Tour and contains technical detail improvements, such as a lower standby power consumption and the possibility of connecting accessories such as navigation systems, communication systems, headlights, etc. to the controller.

Our development team, consisting of passionate bikers, has made every effort to further develop our proven chain oiler, which is once again distinguished by its exceptionally economical oil release. The economical use of lubricant keeps your motorbike cleaner than with other oilers while keeping the chain perfectly lubricated.
399,00 EUR
60ml oil tank
The 60 ml oil tank is filled with about 50 ml CLS oil and has a range of about 10 000 km. The tank is slightly smaller in dimensions, ideal for vehicles with limited space.


length 8,3 cm

base: 3.5 cm X 3.5 cm
15,95 EUR
Tube set
18,50 EUR
WIKO super glue activator spray
For quick gluing of the oil line bracket. Ensures extremely fast bonding of the brackets to the vehicle.
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